Basic tree with a round and a flat brush

paint a simple tree in watercolour  paint a simple tree in watercolour  
Using round brush  Using flat brush  


Course notes: Things to remember

  1. Draw your tree as a sketch click here for instructions
  2. Choose a large round brush for tree 1 (no.14/16)
  3. We started on dry paper but used paint with a lot of water
  4. Start with light green paint roughly in 3/4 shapes - don't forget to leave some white for "bird holes"
  5. Allow to dry a little but not completely
  6. Add darker greens on top
  7. Add trunks and branches through the white spaces.
  8. Now paint the tree again with a flat brush no. 8 is good - notice how the shapes are different.
  9. Use your brush at different angles otherwise your tree will be a lot of horizontal lines
  10. Use the same brush to paint the trunks and branches