Course: November 5th 2014

painting summer trees in watercolour
Trees in summer


Course notes: Things to remember

  1. Draw a frame before starting - then if you don't like the composition you can add a bit
  2. Sketch out the tree shapes on drawing paper - try water soluble crayons
  3. Mix up enough paint - ultramarine blue, lemon yellow, burnt sienna
  4. Keep the board at an angle so that the paint will run down. Remember to paint over the edges of the frame
  5. Start at top left corner with dark shade of ultramarine blue, lemon yellow on dry paper use lots of water and allow colour to flow
  6. Leave a lighter section in the middle - think in diagonals
  7. Add darks Burnt sienna and Ultramarine at the bottom
  8. Give 1 or 2 spays with clean water then move the board to allow the paint to flow around STOP before all colours become a monotone grey!
  9. Allow to dry
  10. Draw in tree shapes with water soluble coloured pencil (dark blue or green)
  11. Paint clean water on to tree shapes and dab out immediately with kitchen paper. The paint will disappear because we have chosen non-staining colours
  12. Paint dark tree trunks on right side of paper using ultra blue + burnt sienna with not much water.
  13. Add some texture in the foreground
  14. Use a rigger or crayon for small branches. Use a sponge for foliage (in one area only - avoid sponging the whole painting!)
  15. Use a scapel to scrap away the colour on the pale tree tree trunks - Paint and paper MUST be dry to do this