Choose colours cobalt blue, raw sienna, lemon yellow and neutral tint (or paynes grey which has a little more blue)

leman1   stremy2   stremy3

Sketch composition - note horizon line is below the centre. Sketch in cloud shapes. We area above clouds with clean water and paint in with dark blue adding grey to one side and extra water on the right side. Dry.

Add in mountain shapes, darker mountain is closer



Paint in the lake with the same blue as the sky leaving a very fine white line for the shore line. Dry then add the same blue on part of the lake. Dry

Roughly sketch in the lines of the vineyards don't make them too regular.

Mix up greens from raw sienna and lemon yellow + blue (very different greens) Start at the top left side and work down adding more blue at the bottom right


  Add more darks to the trees. Paint in the buildings irregularly.