Choose 3 colours a red, a blue and a yellow

I have chosen burnt sienna, prussian blue, raw sienna. The blue and burnt sienna will give a very strong dark colour

atmo tree1   atmo tree2   atmo tree final
Roughly sketch the composition, then spray clean water on the whole paper. Flick or drop burnt sienna and prussian blue on while the paper is still wet. It will look very dark but will dry 30% lighter. You can drop in more colour while the paper is wet, BUT once it starts to dry results can be unpredicatable. Note the pale area it's important to keep it light.   Dry the paper completely, the paper should be flat.Paint in the foreground with the same colours leaving the centre path. Soften the edges of the path before the paint dries.Note the curve of the path leads the eye to the tree.   The tree is painted with mixture of the 3 colours Note some tones are lighter particularly on theleft. Let your brush skip over the paper using some dry brush strokes on the edges. Avoid painting the trunk too thick (you can always make it thicker if too thin but the opposite is much more difficult! Don't forget the "bird holes" Draw the branches over the white areas with a rigger brush