Colours used: Paynes grey (or neutral tint) Ultramarine, raw sienna, madder lake (or alizarin)

Sketch very loosely.

Make sure you mix enough, once you start you won't have time to remix!

  • blue+paynes grey
  • blue + madder + a little grey
  • madder + sienna + a little grey
stormy1   stormy2   stormy3
Dampen paper with clean water down to and beyond the mountain line. Drop in your washes watching constantly to make sure colour is flowing and no hard eges are forming.   Dry thoughly - this means the paper MUST be completely flat, otherwise effects are unpredicable. Paint large areas again with clean water stroke the water gently avoid removing the paint on the first layer. Drop in darker tones of the previous colours + some paynes grey. Leave some areas with only layer 1 - DRY thoughly   Dampen other areas and add the lake in same tones DRY
stormy4   stormy final    
Mix up some darks for the foreground, try to vary the tones and colours for more interest. Darkest darks in the foreground to give aeriel perspective   Lastly add the suns rays shining through the cloud with some white gouache. These must come from a dark area and should be painted with 1 fast stroke each