Colours: Lemon yellow, cobalt blue, Sap green, Permanent red (cadmium red - a bright red)

I wanted this to look Japanese with one sweeping branch.

Sketch out the branch, the crabapples are on long stalks (like cherries) which are very pale so you need a dark leaf behind them otherwise the pale stalks will not be visible.

crabapplesp    crabapple1     
 This is just to give an idea  

 sketch branch and wet sky with clean water.

Paint in blue, making sure that the blue stops before

getting to the branch. Watch the edges as they

dry, you don't want hard edges

 crabapple2    crabapple3    

 paint in leaves wit mixtures of lemin, blue and green.

Allow the paint to mix on the paper. Do not paint the

outline of the leaf and then fill in the centre. Make

leaves different shapes, sizes and colours


 Start painting the crabapples using red and blue.

Dampen the whole apple with clean water

(they are round not grape shape). The paper should

be damp not wet. Then paint in bright red leaving the

white highlight. You need to judge exactly when to paint.

too wet and there will not be a highlight too dry and there

will be a strong edge. Then add blue for the shadows.