Colours: Ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue, Madder lake (or alizarine), Lemon yellow.

Paper: best results with paper that is not rough

hydra sketch   hydra sketch2   hydr1
Draw a circle and a line about 1/4 from the bottom   Erase the line and bottom part of the circle take off 2 small triangles from the bottom corners and draw some leaves and a stalk. Light source is top left   Start with a wash of cerulean blue (be careful cerulean is a very strong opaque colour, add in ultramarine and a little madder making your flower darker in the bottom right
 Hydra2   Hydra3   Hydra4
Scrape out the colour at the top with a palette knife (or a kitchen knife - should be fairly springy. Try to make one mark - too many may damage the surface of the paper (practise on scrap paper first   Add more darks on bottom right and top to give sharp edge to the light areas   Paint the stalk and a leave in a bright green, lemon with a touch of ultramarine, Dry well
hydra final        
Paint a dark green over the lemon using very few strokes. It is important not pick up the dry yellow. Now scrap out the veins on the leaves with the palette knife