Simple mountain sketch    Simple mountain sketch2 

Allow yourself 15-20 minutes to sketch. Draw large

areas and add 5 tones (tones). Don't add details


 Try the same sketch portrait instead of landscape.

To see which you prefer

 simple mountains1a    simple mountains1

 Mix up some Prussian Blue (a very strong greeny

blue) Lightly dampen the paper first then

Load up a big brush and paint 1 stroke across

the top of the page (do not go back again the other



 Dip the brush in the water (don't wash all the pigment

out) and make another stroke immediately just

touching the bottom of the first stroke. Dip brush in

the water again and make a third stroke. Do not

worry if the light colour runs into the mountains

Simple mountain lne accross


simple mountains final

Paint the mountain tops in sections vertically. If you

paint the mountain tops in one horizontal line it will

be dry on the left before you finish the right side, then

your pigment will not blend


The mountains are lighter the further away they are

(Aeriel Perspective). Finish the rest of the foreground

Your darkest colours should be at the front. Make your

composition more interesting by adding some diagonals.

Colours: Raw sienna and Burnt sienna.

Colour mixing: Mix only 2 colours together if you mix

all the the results are muddy.