Bright autumn trees sketch   bright autumn trees1

Sketch out drawing. Make sure the top of the left hand

tree pencil lines are not too visible.

Colours: I used cadmium red, ultramarine and lemon

yellow as I want a bright look. You could use madder lake,

raw sienna, ultramarine for more  muted atmosphere


Paint whole paper with a mix of mostly yellow and a

very little red. The colour should be lighter at the top.

When it dries it will only be slightly more coloured

than the paper (so a lot of water!)

Using mixtures of yellow and red allow the paint to

mix on the paper. Add some blue into the yellow in

one area. Try not to mix all 3 colours (will be muddy)

bright autumn trees2   bright autumn trees3

Dry. Add a really dark tone of blue + red on the left,

leaving irregular white spaces around the yellow/orange.

With the same colur but more red paint the shadows

under the yellow leaves


Add a dark tone on the right to balance the purple on

the left. paint in the trunks, avoid painting the same

colour and width

 bright autumn trees final