Colour: choose 3 colours a red, a blue and a yellow. I want the composition to be quite bright so I have chosen: lemon yellow, alizarin and ultramarine blue. But if you wanted a more autumn theme you could choose: ultramarine, lemon and burnt sienna or cobalt, raw sienna and alizarine. It's important to test your colours on scrap paper before starting.

If you don't like the colours - you won't like your painting

grapes1    grapes2   grapes3
Spray the paper with clean water, don't soak the paper you want some dry white parts. Drop on a yellow then blue and allow to mingle   Tip the board to allow paint to flow. Scoop up large puddles with kitchen paper or a clean brush. Try to leave some small white areas   Use your finger in a circular motion to give some grape shapes
grapes4   grapes5    
DRY, the paper should be completely flat. Paint in the background round the grape shapes and blend the outer edge. Do small areas. DRY   Paint the small negative shapes between the grapes (redrawing the grapes if necessary with a watercolour crayon). Leave some small stalks