Colours used permanent red (or cadmium), lemon yellow, cobalt blue, sap green

Sketch out the composition, look for interesting negative shapes between the flowers

amarylis 1   amarylis 1a

 I have added some tiny masked areas to use

as stamens. Paint wet in wet allowing the paint to

run using lighter and darker tones.

Try adding sap green for a nice dark red


 You can either add leaves at the same time or paint

in all the flowers the add the greens

amarylis 1b   amarylis sketch

Amarylis have thick dominant stalks

when drawing in the stalks make sure that they

don't meet in a V at the botton of the composition

amarylis 2    amarylis 3
Cheat a little by putting in other leaves over the top  

 This is not looking great as a composition. Too much

of a V shape. Paint the leaves in different colours and


amarylis final