Colours: Cobalt Blue, Lemon Yellow, Paynes Grey, Madder Lake (or Alizarin)

christmas rose mask   christmas rose 1   christmas rose 2
For this composition it is easier to use masking fluid for the centre of the flowers. the mask is in bright blue here - I used Masque Pen When mask is dry paint in yellow in the centre, gradually adding more blue as you work out painting the shadow on the petal   Remove mask when paint is dry. Never use a hair dryer with masking fluid and don't leave on the paper for more than a couple of days Paint red rose with mixtures of red and blue adding shadows when paint is dry. Paint white rose with washes of pink, yellow and green   Start with the background add dark washes around the red flower
christmas rose 3   christmas rose 4   christmas rose final
Add paynes grey to the left side. Paint around the main petal quite carefully. I used some plastic food wrap to give some texture. Paint in more of the background letting colours flow together   Allow paint to dry completely before removing the plastic   Flick on some green paint for the background and refine some of the masked areas adding lemon yellow