Workshop 15th November 2014

Project 1 - materials used   Project 2 - materials used
17nov12-grapes  .. 15.11.14-proj2

Paper – Fabriano 300gm (this paper is good for wet-in-wet but avoid using masking fluid - you risk removing mask and paper surface)
Paint – van Gogh (available in Manor) we used lemon yellow, ultramarine blue and madder lake deep (MLD recommended instead of alizarin crimson which is more fugitive (disappears with time!)).

  1. Tape paper to the board and draw the frame (for finished frame 24x30 use 17x23)
  2. Sketch bunch of grapes with water soluble crayons
  3. Mix paint - add water so that the paint is ready before....
  4. ....wetting paper with spray - 1x only
  5. Dab out dry areas with paper tissue - these will remain white
  6. Dribble yellow and blue without mixing in the pallet – allow to mix on the paper. Move your board around.
  7. Add leaf colours reds and yellows - think in diagonals
  8. Dry
  9. Outline grape shapes by painting strong blue or red mixtures around the outside – allow paint to flow to the edges of the paper
  10. Draw on branches and leaf veins with brush handle or pointed stick - Dry
  11. Paint in diamond shapes between the grapes to give form. Draw in some small stems in between the grapes
  12. Give grapes more form by painting half-moon shapes in slightly darker colour on the shadow side

Paper – Gerstaecker 300gm
Paint – van Gogh  we used lemon yellow, ultramarine blue and burnt sienna

  1. Tape paper to the board and draw the frame (for finished frame 24x30 use 17x23)
  2. Sketch trees very roughly with water soluble crayon
  3. Mix paint before.....
  4. ....wetting paper with water and large brush
  5. Start at top left with yellow and blue add more darks on right side and burnt sienna and yellow in foreground
  6. Your paint should be very wet - allow the colour to flow on the paper
  7. Dab out a dry area with paper tissue to the right side of the large truck. To give the impression of back light.
  8. Check that the right side of the painting has some really dark areas before drying. Your white trunks will not show up if the background colour is too  ligh
  9. Dry
  10. Refind drawing if necessary
  11. On left side remove paint (carefully) with clean water and tissue. We are able to do this because we have chosen non-staining colours. Then when the paint is dry add some more darks to the background going carefully around the light branches
  12. Paint in the dark trunk on left (use different shades of blue + burnt sienna) and add some dark branches
  13. Use a sponge with a dark paint mixture to give some texture (Avoid sponging all over the painting) or use a toothbrush for splatter work