brush control1    brush control2    soften edge

Choose a big brush with a sharp point - good brushes hold lots of paint and have a sharp pint. Good art shops have water available so that you can test the point of your brush.

Start with the pont of your brush. I keep my little finger on the paper for support, but you may want to try other techniques. Then press down so that the whole of your brush is on the paper, then lift up to the point again.


Repeat alternatively so you start with the brush pressed down then lift it up.

Then try with a different colour. (tip: use another brush!)

  Learn to soften the edge of a dark colour by running a clean brush along the edge. Do not go far into the colour just touch the edge. You can see here some parts I have touched and some parts not
leaf1   leaf2   buildings

Paint shapes starting at the top and letting the paint flow down (keep board tipped at an angle).

While paint is still wet draw into it with a water soluble crayon for vein effects


Try again changing the paint colour half way down

Do not outline your leaf shape then colour it in!


Paint buildings in as few strokes as possible. Try this exercise taking the brush off the paper to get more paint ONLY 3 TIMES. Don't mix the colour in the palette mix them on the paper.

Start at the top with red continue down and add blue going right. Remove brush and start at the top with blue, paint down merging red and blue to make purple leave a few white windows. Add ponted parts on the roofs with water soluble crayon PAINT MUST BE WET