A printing technique with glass - results will often be a surprise!

  1. layout a piece of glass (plastic doesn't seem to work as well).
  2. choose a colour scheme that you like - test on scrap paper
  3. paint 3 colours directly onto the glass - work fairly fast otherwise the paint will begin to dry around the edges. Try not to mix the colours too much on the glass. When choosing colour consider whether you want a landscape or floral colour scheme
  4. place the watercolour paper on top of the paint and press down especially at the edges
  5. different textured papers print differently - with Arches make sure you have lots of liquid paint
  6. remove paper slowly - you may fine the paper is curling slightly - weight down in the middle or quickly tape to a board to avoid paint flowing around too much
  7. Relax - have coffee and imagine what you can see in the painting
printing1   printing3 printing2
 colours are cobalt, lemon yellow and burnt sienna   Result after printing. Work out the focal point area and emphasize it Use a corrugated cardboard shape for the barn.Paint a wash over the general shape first unless you want brown and white stripes!
  • you can use many materials to print
  • paper and board
  • sponges
  • plastic
  • sticks
  • fabric
  • etc. etc