Shadows are a mixture of many different colours.

  1. the colour of the object itself
  2. the colour of the background it is reflected on
  3. the colour of the light that is shining on it
  4. any other colour nearby that is refected in it
shadow ball2   shadow ball3

Light is coming from direction of arrow.

start at the left and either paint around the highlight

or take it out with a paper tissue, add more paint

on the darker side of the ball


Do not dry completely - mix up the pink with a little

paynes grey and don't worry if the pink flows into

the shadow. Don't forget that shadows get lighter

the further away they are form the object that is

making the shadow. So your shadow should get

lighter as it goes to the right. Soften the edge of

the shadow with clean water if it dries with a hard

edge. Darken the very edge of the pink ball.

The shadow is darkest right under the pink ball.

 shadow ball4    shadow ball5

Draw 2 balls overlapping - paint the pink ball first

allow to dry a little but not completely. Then

paint the blue ball, dont worry if the pink flows

into the blue a bit (reflected colour). Note the

shadow shape


Paint the shadow in one, go mixing pink and

paynes grey but adding blue and paynes grey as

you work to the right. the pink ball refects pink and

the blue shaow has more blue. Soften the edge

of the shaow with clean water if necessary. Darken

the area under the blue ball where the shadow is