• have all equipment ready before you start
    • start each new painting with a clean palette, clean water and a clean brush (you may think this is obvious..... )
Recommended palette - 8sfr at www.gerstaecker.com
    • decide which colours you will use - no more than 5. This should include a yellow, a red and a blue. Make test mixtures of your colours on scrap paper. If you decide not to use a colour clean it from your palette
    • if you are using pans (solid colour) know which colour is which. I prefer tubes
    • mix up enough paint to cover the given area, your previous strokes are drying whilst you mix up more paint and you risk getting stripes in the wash
    • if you have a large area to paint, wet the paper with water first. You will then need a slightly darker tone as the water on the paper will dilute the colour
    • if you put the brush containing pigment into the water and wipe it on the edge of the water container the pigment is in the water no longer on your brush!
    • if you wish to dilute the colour pick up water from the container and don't wipe the water off on the side of the container