Colours used: For skin tones - yellow ochre + madder lake (or alizarine) + a tiny amount of cerulean blue.

For eyes: sap green + ultramarine + paynes grey.

Important: paint the eyes together don't paint one and then the other

eyes sketch   eyes2

 Dampen paper except eye area as shown with a

mixture of ochre + mader + tiny bit of cerulean

Whil ethe paper is still damp drop in more of the

same colour to form shadows

eyes3   eyes4

 mix a stronger red+ ochre to paint area above

and below eyes. Using a very pale mixture of sap

green + ultramarine + a little paynes grey paint irises

leave pupils and highlights


 Paint pupils with paynes grey softening edges a little.

Using a mixture of green + ultramarine outline the

irises and then work towards the puplis leaving areas

of lighter colour

eyes final    

The eye lashes are painted with a rigger brush using

paynes grey work from the eyelid outwards tapering

the points. Eyelashes are curved and longer at the

outside edge. Under lashes are more sparse.

Paint Eye brows with short strokes following the arch

with paynes grey and a little madder