Colours Lemon yellow, madder lake (or alizarine), ultramarine blue

nude sketch    nude splatter   
 draw stetch with water soluble crayon    spray clean water & splatter yellow and red  
 nude 1    nude 2a  

 Allow to mix on paper add some blue in the bottom

right corner. Dry


 Glaze around her body with blue and red, some

areas should be stronger and some lighter

nude 2b   nude 3  
Rewet paper and drop in red for flower shapes  

 whilst paint is still wet add more red and draw in

flower stems with paint brush handle or sharp stick.

Paint in some green leaves in top left corner

nude 4   nude final  

 Add some darker blues in the bottom right for the

blanket she is sitting on


 Blend in some of the white areas if they are too patchy.

Carefully draw in lines for legs and face with dark

red using a rigger or fine brush