Choose colours cobalt blue, raw sienna, burnt sienna and neutral tint (or paynes grey which has a little more blue) very small amount of burnt sienna + White gouache. Note the sand is black.

 misty pines2    misty pines3    misty pines4

Sketch composition - Horizon line comes about 1/3 the way up the painting. Wet whole of top 2/3 with clean water, drop in dark blue + grey for sky add a little dilute raw sienna . DRY then add in background trees with grey and blue + raw sienna. The tree shape is important move you brush in cross strokes not horizontal strokes




Wet area above foreground line turn board upside down paint on dark grey and blue and allow to dribble down. Important NO HARD EDGES



Paint the rocks roughly with a pale underwash using different colours and tones of blue, grey, raw and burnt sienna. Paint path with dilute raw sienna

 misty pines5    misty pines final    
Add in dark foreground trees soften the edges next to the mist   Add more darks to bases and side of trees