Choose colours cobalt blue, raw sienna and neutral tint a little burnt sienna (or paynes grey which has a little more blue)

beware the neutral tint will give a very strong dark colour

 mist woods1    mist woods closeup    mist woods2

Horizon line is 1/3 down the composition. Mix lots of paint cobalt + paynes grey

Turn borad upsidedown. Wet paper with clean water paint downwards vertically with broad strokes There should be a paler area in the middle.


Turn board around and paint clean water across the mist area. Use a toothbrush to spray paint along the edge of the white area.




Paint in the darker trees with dry brush techniques. using the same colour as the sky.

 mist woods3    mist woods4    mist woods final
Paint in the tree trunks leaving areas will seem as if there is mist   Add trees on the left side, they should be lighter than those on the right. Add more darks with a sponge



 Paint in the foreground roughly (you could wet the paper first). Paint with one stroke bottom to top.