Landscape from a photograph

vaud village village sketch

landscapr 04.05



VanGogh watercolour Ultramarine blue, Burnt sienna, Raw sienna. Watercolour paper Gerstaecker 300gm.

  1. Sketch/trace basic drawing from the photo using water soluble crayon
  2. Place horizon line above the centre line (9 -10cm from the top)
  3. Turn board at 90 degrees (buildings towards the bottom) and paint sky with blue starting with a light colour and adding more paint - including some burnt sienna. Paint quickly around the roofs of the buildings leaving roofs and buildings white.
  4. Turn board back and allow blue to flow into foreground adding raw sienna and burnt sienna, leaving white diagonal for a path
  5. Add more darks to foreground. Don't forget colours in the foreground are darker than those in the background - see aeriel perspective
  6. While the paint is still wet add plastic food wrap in diagonals. Leave to dry completely before removing.
  7. Use a sponge with dark paint, blue + burnt sienna to print trees. Use sharp stick or very fine brush to draw in trunks. (Don't make the trunks too thick, you can always make them thicker later)
  8. Add grasses and dark bushes in the foreground with fine brush or rigger
  9. Paint roofs in different tones of burnt sienna. Add windows and shadows under the roofs