Dent du Midi

Colours Ultramarine blue + Cerelean blue, Paynes grey, Raw sienna + a touch of Burnt sienna.

A calming painting to paint as we paint glazes of the same (darker) colour on top of the dry layers.

Decisions to make:

  1. Where to put the mountain tops - high or low - I chose high
  2. How dark to make the sky - note lighter area behind mountain peaks
  3. How much foreground to leave
dentdumidi sketch   dentdumidi 1

Here is the basic sketch note all the action is in the

middle third


Paint in sky with washes of Ultramarine and Cerulean

you could just use Ultramarine. Leave some white

as you move towards mountain peaks. Dry. Paint

very dilute large areas of Ultra + paynes grey. This

is tone 2. Dry.

dentdumidi 2   dentdumidi 3

Add shadow areas with same mixture od UB + PG.

This of this as tone 3. Dry.


Continue with darker shade of same mixture, tones

4 + 5

dentdumidi final    

Add some warm tones to the foreground Raw +

Burnt sienna and a few fir trees (very small) with

Ultramarine + raw sienna. Add some toothbrush

spashes to foreground