Paper: Fabriano 300 g/qm fine grain or any 300g paper
Paint: Van Gogh tubes colours: sap green, raw sienna, burnt sienna & cobalt blue. Available at Manor in Geneva.

Draw the frame 17 x 23 cm and stick the paper to the board with masking tape

(Note: be careful when pulling off to pull away from the painting)
Sketch out the composition with either a soft 2B pencil or water soluble crayons.

If using crayons choose colours close to the watercolour paint colours.

cornfield-1  cornfield-2

Wet sky with clean water and paint a very pale raw

sienna wash at the bottom of the sky, don’t worry

if it runs into the trees. Allow to dry

 Wet sky again with clear water and paint a graded

wash of cobalt blue (I have added a little burnt sienna

to tone down the brightness). Try to paint in as few

strokes as possible and leave some of the pale yellow

colour at the bottom of the sky.

 cornfield-3  cornfield-4

Paint in the trees in the background with mixtures

of sap green + raw sienna and Sap green + cobalt.

Trees that are further away will be bluer and paler.

See aerial perspective.

Wet paper with clear water and paint in the corn field

with raw sienna and touches of burnt sienna making

the foreground darker with some cobalt blue.

Whilst the paint is still wet draw in some corn stalks

(not all over the painting!) and add some crayon and

sandpaper effects to give some texture.


Paint in the buildings with mixture of burnt sienna

+ cobalt blue. TIP for buildings: Paint large shapes

join up roof areas. Avoid painting the windows too

large. Decide where the darkest areas are.

Finally soften some (not all!) of the background trees

with clean water.