Choose colours: lemon yellow,  ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, paynes grey (neutral tint)

daff1   daff2   daff3

Roughly sketch the composition, its a good idea to design your composition so that painting in the dark background will be easy, so draw the petals touching the sides of the paper, then you will have smaller areas of dark to paint

Wet the flower area with clean water. Drop in lemon yellow and burnt sienna and allow to dry.


Dry - mix up blue + yellow + grey  paint roughly around the petal shapes note the background is different colours but is really dark. We want to have some strong lines and some blurred lines - lost and found edges. Lost edges use clean water to blur the petal edges


  Remove some stalks by painting in clean water then removing the pigment and also adding darker stalks and leaves


Add more darkers if necessary and some toothbrush spray for added texture with watersoluble crayon or a fine brush