Art Courses Geneva - Lausanne


Mask, paynes grey, madder lake, lemon yellow, ultramarine

cup 2    cup 3 

 Paint in masked areas (bright turquoise) these will

be white in the finished painting. Then paint

the whole cup with very light paynes grey. Dry


Paint in darker shadows with the same paynes

grey. Dry then continue with tone 3

 cup 4    cup 1

Use a dark madder + ultramarine for the back-

ground sprinkle in some sea salt for abit of texture

in top left corner (not all over!)


Paint in the table cloth with stripes of lemon and

madder dry then add shadow under right bottom edge

of saucer

apple1 apple2  apple3

Start with a light wash of lemon yellow adding in a

light wash of cadmium red. The object of this

exercise is to build up layer over layer of pigment

Continue with strokes which follow the shape of the

apple adding more and more pigment. Avoid using

too much water as you risk just moving the pigment

around and not adding to it.



appleand pears

 appleandpears photo